What You Can Get from My Gift Card Site?

Gift card is the new shape of a gift from people in this day. We do not give specific item as a gift for someone that we really care about in their important day. In this day, it is better to give gift card as a gift.

Well, it looks weird for some of you, but it works better. It is better because people can choose and purchase directly anything that they really want with using gift card. It means that we will not make bad decision anymore in choosing the gift for someone that we really love. It is because they can choose it personally and but it directly with the special card that we gave to them.

When we are talking about the popularity of gift card, then we need to talk about gift card too. What is gift card? Do you need it a lot?

If you want to know more about what is my gift card, then feel free to learn more about it through this article.

What Is My gift card?

Some of you maybe still do not understand about what my gift card is. My gift card actually is special website which will make you easier to manage every gift card that you have.

When you have made account and enter to my gift card login, you are able to check my gift card balance. Beside of checking about the available balance inside of your gift card that you can use to purchase something, you are also able to check about the expire time of your gift card easily through that website.

Moreover, with having gift card and creating account in my gift card, you are also able to buy directly anything that you like from many online retail store with using your my gift card balance.

How to Register in Mygiftcardsite?

Well, we have talked many benefits from entering to my gift card. However, some of you maybe still wonder about how to register or making account in my gift card.

Actually, making account in my gift card is simple enough to do. However, you need to have gift card first before you can make an account. If you already have gift card in your hand or virtually, then you can follow these steps to create an account in that website:

  • First, you need to access to my gift card

To create an account in mygiftcardsite, then you should access the website first. If you have entered to the website, you will be able see the login application.

  • Enter your gift card information

After you entered to the website, you only need to enter your gift card information to create an account.

The gift card information that you need to enter for creating account in my gift card is your gift card number which is usually 10 digit numbers and also security number which is consisted of 3 digit numbers in the back of the card.


Whenever you enter first digit of your gift card starting with 800, the system maybe said that you are inputting wrong gift card number. The correct way to enter your gift card which is starting with 800 is with using 866.

After you have entered the correct gift card number and security number of your gift card, you will directly able to login to your account.

How to Get More my gift card Balance?

Some of you maybe wonder about how to get more my gift card balance after understanding about how to create account in my gift card .

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to add more balance to your account. The balance that you have is what you have in the gift card. If that balance is empty, then your account will be deleted.

However, do not worry; you only need to register again with using new gift card to get new account from my gift card area.

Why You Cannot Purchase from Other Retailer with Using my gift card ?

It is true that you are able to purchase anything from any retailer with using my gift card . However, that does not mean you can purchase any product in A shop with using B gift card.

A gift card is exclusively distributed by retailer. Because of that, it is only able to be used in the same retailer which is issued it. So, if you are having Amazon gift card, you are only able to use it to purchase anything that is sold by Amazon.

Using my gift card to purchase anything with using gift card is only helping you to purchase without need to access the retailer website or even go directly to the retailer.

However, you are having chance to be able to purchase anything from any store with using gift card. The types of gift card that can be used to purchase in any retailer usually have VISA or Mastercard logo.

If you have that kind of gift card, your account will be labeled with my gift card or my gift card VISA. However, once again we need to say that the balance inside of your gift card VISA or MasterCard still cannot be refilled.

Where You Can Purchase Gift Card to Use in Mygiftcardsite?

Ok, we have talked about many things about gift card and about how to manage it with using my gift card . Some of you maybe still want to have more gift card balance on your account.

As we have known, we do not have permission to add more credit to the gift card that we have. However, we are able to purchase it. Yes, if you want to give a gift card to someone special for you, you can purchase it.

You can purchase gift card from the retailer directly or from online store of that specific retailer like Amazon. When you want to purchase gift card, make sure that you choose the proper type of the gift card.

The best gift card type to be given to other people as a gift is gift card with Visa or MasterCard logo. It is because they are who receiving that gift card will be able to use it to purchase anything with using my gift card .


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